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After using Caffeine for a couple of hours I was hooked. It’s a free utility that stops your laptop from dimming the screen or going to sleep. How is this useful? How many times have you been watching something on YouTube for the screen to dim? Cue irritated push on the trackpad to get the brightness back.

Caffeine lives in your menu bar in the shape of a cup of coffee. When you want the display not to dim, click on the empty cup which changes to a full cup and et voilà, no more display dimming. When you’re not watching the screen anymore and listening to music whilst working, click on the full cup to drain it and revert the dimming back.

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  • http://www.markdoubleday.co.uk Mark Doubleday

    Great for the BBC iplayer while doing the ironing!

  • http://haniblog.com Hani

    There you go! Many uses and different perspectives! ;-)

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